My wife and I are foodies - we love to cook - we like good wine. When we're not the ones doing the cooking, we love finding great new places to try here in the Treasure Valley.

Sometimes, the places we find aren't really "new" to the valley, but they're "new" to us. Here are five of the great places we like to visit when we're not doing our own thing (like cedar planked salmon and asparagus).

If you've not been to these places, you may enjoy them as well. In no particular order here are five places my wife and I like to go when we're ready for a night out.

1 - The Grit - Eagle: A great menu at a place with a great vibe. Awesome appetizers, full menu, and a great cocktail bar. My favorites - The Pepper Crusted Burger and the Mac & Cheese. Check them out, they are at the corner of State and Eagle Road, in the same complex as Albertson's in Eagle.

2 - Bardenay - Eagle: We love going to Bardenay and sitting on the patio in the summer. The ambience is relaxing, and we've never had bad service or a bad meal. Their grilled salmon with the sundried tomato butter is the real deal and very reasonably priced! Try having a margarita and have them substitute tequila with their own Bardenay Ginger Rum.

3 - Gino's - Meridian: When we think Italian food, we think Gino's. Gino has become almost like family (to a lot of people, I'm sure). He's always friendly and his staff does a great job. We have friends from Las Vegas, who when visiting, always want to go to Gino's. Better have a reservation though, cause they are usually pretty packed.

4 - Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza: They have four locations in the valley, but we frequent the one closest to us on Linder (Linder and Hwy 20-26). Once again, never been disappointed with what we've tried (but my favorite appetizer is the Wood-Fired Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns). They have some great entrees and their mac and cheese is pretty dang good as well. They also have a great line up of craft beers and a nice wine list.

5 - Enrique's - Kuna: If you want Mexican, and haven't tried Enrique's in Kuna, it's worth the drive. Be prepared to wait for a table because a lot of people are well aware of this place. When we do our WOW Country St. Jude Low Dough Shows at Cowgirls, the artists always love going to Enrique's and enjoying the cuisine. They make authentic Mexican food that's reasonably priced.

So there you go, five places that I enjoy. If you've not been to any of them, you may find yourself adding them to your list of good places to eat!

Bon appetit!

(disclaimer: these places are ones I like to frequent. I'm not a professional food critic or chef, and this is an opinion based article.)


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