I think everyone has a little dive bar in their past, and Ashley McBryde has an awesome song about the one in hers. It's our Future Hit At Five tonight on Wow Country 104.3.

A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega (pronounced Duh-lon-uh-guh) is a great song with a true country sound. I love it when I talk to people who tell me they don't like any of the "new country" that is out these days, because when I ask them if they've heard songs like this one from Ashley McBride, they usually have to say "no"...

The thing is, there are several artists putting out great country music these days. The country format envelopes several different styles right now. I remember when the Top 40 Billboard Charts had music from every genre of music. You could look down the Billboard Hot 100 chart and see artists and groups from the rock world, the urban world, the country world, and the pop world, all on the same chart.

Country is kinda that way inside it's own world right now. You've got those artists that make country that leans towards the pop side. You've got artists that lean towards the rock side, and you've got artists that are doing straight up country. I personally think it's a great blend right now.

Ashely McBryde is in our Future Hit At Five spotlight tonight. I think you'll dig it, and I'll let you decide where it fits best in the country world.

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