William Michael Morgan has a traditional country sound, and his new single showcases that sound. "Vinyl" is our Future Hit At Five tonight on WOW Country 104.3.

I love it when I talk to people and they ask what I do. When I tell them I work for Wow Country 104.3, I can expect a few different responses. I get things like "oh cool!"...or "really, that's pretty neat!". Just as often though, I get, "is that new country? I don't like the new country...nobody does the good country anymore."  Ugh....really? Chris Young, Easton Corbin, Craig Campbell, Chris Janson, Luke Combs, Aaron Watson, Randy Rogers, Joe Nichols, and the list could go on and on, are still putting out great "country" songs. I'm talking songs with steel guitars, maybe some banjo, someone's heart gets broken, someone had too much to drink, you know...songs that tell stories.

William Michael Morgan is in that group. A relative newcomer, WMM has a country sound. He wears a hat, and he sings country. His first single "I Met A Girl" went to #1 on the country charts. His second single "Missing" struggled some, but he's come back with a follow-up called "Vinyl". Guess what? It's a country song. It's also our Future Hit At Five tonight on WOW Country 104.3.

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