If you want to catch the Boise Hawks at home, better do it tonight or tomorrow! They hit the road on Wednesday for an extended road trip!

It's that time of the year! The Caldwell Night Rodeo is getting underway, and the Western Idaho Fair starts this Friday! With the Boise Hawks and Expo Idaho in such close proximity, parking and other potential issues arise. The Boise Hawks are at home tonight (8/14) and tomorrow night (8/15).

They will play 15 nights on the road while the Western Idaho Fair is underway, returning home to Hawks Memorial Stadium on Friday, September 1st. They will wrap up the 2017 season with three games against Hillsboro.

It seems like we just got the season underway, but then, it also feels like we only had about a month of summer in the Treasure Valley this year. Now here we are...lookin' at Labor Day weekend, and football season right around the corner.

So...if you wanna see the Hawks...you've got 5 home games left. Go support them!

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