A few months ago I was lamenting that I don't have any updated professional family photos. The most recent features myself and my husband with our 9 month old...who is now 10 years old and we've welcomed a whole new other child who is now 3 years old. Seriously, we've been slacking. I'm ready to have a family portrait actually representative of our family.

I've searched countless Instagram accounts and facebook pages in search of a photographer to get the job done. I'm honestly impressed with the work I've seen from a technical standpoint. Not that I'm a photographer, but clearly there is an understanding of scenery and lighting. But I've noticed something I can't seem to let go. Maybe I'm too vain for my own good. But there seems to be no concern over things like a pose creating a double chin, a smile that looks like the person is constipated instead of happy, a rogue hair across the face. It seems like the photographer takes a crap ton of pictures and then hopefully there are ones that panned out.

I've hesitated to pull the trigger in having photos done because of this. By no means am I looking for a discount or a hookup. I am happy to pay whatever price the photographer asks. I believe in artists being compensated properly for their work. But if I am going to spend a substantial amount of money on pictures, I need a photographer who will guide the photoshoot to avoid those things or let me look at photos during the shoot to make sure I am happy with the images. Seriously, I will not be offended if I am told the pose I'm doing is accentuating my gut. I need that criticism to adjust accordingly!

Which photographers fit this criteria? Help a girl out and let me know! I'm dying to get this done. Doesn't even have to be in Boise. Treasure Valley will suffice.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park