I’ve written before about The Most Popular Trucks in Idaho... but what are some of the most underrated trucks? I’ve seen some of these trucks (below) in Idaho, but definitely not as much as I see the F-150.

HotCars recently published a list of 10 Underrated Trucks & SUVs, and on that list are 3 of the most underrated trucks in the country.

Would you ever drive (or are you already driving) one of these underrated trucks?

HotCars says...

"While many may instantly think of high-performance trucks and SUVs, major automakers also have a decent amount of mid-level models designed for both practicality and performance."

"These models may not be as popular but are perfect for families to use to get around town and even for road trips across the country.”

Keep scrolling for the most underrated trucks in Idaho and the Top 5 Most Popular Trucks in Idaho 👇

Top 3 Most Underrated Trucks in Idaho

Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Trucks in Idaho (Are You Driving One of These?)

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