I stumbled across this article and it hit close to home. 

Growing up most of my summers were spent in a VERY tiny town in between Coeur d' Alene and Sandpoint Idaho, called Bayview. For me personally a pretty cool fact is that my great grandfather actually built the resort and ran it for many, many years and had the most stunning home that overlooked the marina. I guess you could say I have strong family ties to this hidden gem.

Lake Pend Oreille is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Did you know the lake is so deep the Navy tests Submarines there?  Yup. Another fun fact it's deeper than the Loch Ness. Though the lake is hundreds of miles from the ocean there are several factors like  size, temperature and steep shores that make it ideal for testing.

Fishing on this lake is great too. I remember going out on the boat early mornings or evenings and we'd watch for Mountain Goats that were making their climb. During the 4th they would have a lighted boat parade and we'd sit from deck and watch the floating lights go by.

As I opened this article and saw pictures this flood of memories came rushing back as I haven't been there for many years. If you want to escape, relax, fish and enjoy some of the most amazing scenery.. this is the place. Not to mention you can boat from Bayview to Sandpoint. Bring a wet suit if you plan to water-ski, the water is COLD!

Short read with some beautiful pics that don't do it justice!


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