Mashed recently published an article covering The State with the Worst Drinking Water Quality in America, and thankfully... it’s not Idaho. It’s actually Alaska.

Mashed said, “It's safe to say, whether you're living in a trailer, a two-story suburban house, or a high-rise apartment, that if there's one thing that we use every day in our homes: it's water. We use it to bathe, to clean, to cook, and to drink. No matter where you live in the United States, you want to live in a place that offers you clean, pure, and refreshing drinking water. Unfortunately, either by accident or mismanagement, that's not always the case.”

In Idaho, we’re no different. In fact, we probably drink water even more while we’re out and about enjoying the great outdoors. So, where does Idaho fall on the list of states with the worst drinking water?

According to a poll conducted by US News, Idaho was ranked number 27. Our Urban Air Quality is 9 and our Drinking Water Quality is 42.

Schitts Creek What GIF By CBC

If you’re like me... you have no idea what that means.

Thankfully, US News provided definitions to help us out. Here’s what they said...

Urban Air Quality

“Urban air quality is measured by the average number of days in 2019 in which the Air Quality Index was above what the Environmental Protection Agency deems a "healthy" threshold. The Air Quality Index measures five air pollutants: particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.”

Drinking Water Quality

“The Safe Water Drinking Act is a federal law passed in the 1970s that sets quality standards for the systems that provide Americans with drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency uses a weighted point system to track violations of the law, including contaminants and treatment. This metric measures the number of violation points against public water systems per 1,000 residents served in each state in 2019.”

So, I guess... our water quality is just kind of average?

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