It’s probably not a surprise to anyone at this point that the housing market is just absolutely skyrocketing in Idaho – especially Boise – we hear about it all the time.

With that, homes all over the Boise area are getting drastically more expensive, even if the home doesn’t look like much to begin with.

Average $225,000 homes are now average $495,000 homes.

Just a casual scroll through will give you a good idea of what the market looks like nowadays, and let me tell you … I am amazed to see such huge numbers for such “eh” houses.

That’s why I was beyond shocked when I found this stunning home on W School Bridge Rd in Boise.

Judging by the pictures alone, I thought for sure (given how the market is today) the home would be in the million-dollar range; however, it’s actually listed at $849,000 – which is really pretty good for this area.

Even more shocking though, I looked into the history of this home, and in 2015 it was sold for $319,000. That’s a $530,000 jump!

The listing description says there are “hiking trails, swimming pools, walking paths and more” that await whoever the new homeowner is, and that this home has “a floorplan full of good surprises.”

Check out the pictures below and see what makes this house so incredible.

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