We all have financial goals in life, but in some areas of the country, a dollar stretches farther than in others. Here's what a new study shows you need to make in Idaho to be considered wealthy.

Msn.com recently conducted a survey around the United States that shows how people view wealth and what they think people need to make to be considered "wealthy" in their state. The ranges are anywhere from $100,000 a year to $10 million dollars a year and I thought what Idahoans had to say was a little shocking.

Those surveyed here in Idaho say you need to make $5 million or more to be considered "rich." That seems like a whole lot to me, especially considering that Idaho is known for affordable housing and low cost of living. Only one in ten surveyed said they felt you only need $1 million to be seen as wealthy by your peers.

By comparison, those surveyed in California where the cost of living is obviously much higher said you only needed $1 million to feel "rich" and in Kentucky, they feel like you are among the wealthy even if you make $200,000 a year.

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