Lady Antebellum's 2015 Wheels Up tour kicks off on May 1, and Hunter Hayes is ready! The "Tattoo" singer explains, "It's time for a new kind of show for us. I'm rethinking and restructuring the entire show."

Like ... incorporating dance moves? Charles Kelley has been known to bust out a few onstage. Can fans expect Hayes to break it down for the crowd?

"I'm not really a dancer," the young star explains, "Although lately when I've been wearing boots, I'm slipping and sliding on stage. It's kind of fun. I like it."

Admits Hayes, "Charles is just tall, so anything he does, he looks cool. He's just tall, you know what I mean? He's like 'Yeah.' But I'm short. So anything I do it's like 'Hi. I'm short and I'm awkward.'"

He may not be much of a dancer, but if 'awkward' means 'really cool geek,' Hunter Hayes is indeed that. On various episodes of his web series #FortheLoveofMusic, he channels his inner Star Wars nerd by pulling out a fake light saber on several occasions. Taste of Country's Nicki D. is also as nerdy as they come, so, what better way to end an interview than with a light saber battle?

You'll have to watch to find out who wins this one. Find Hayes out on the road with Lady A and newcomer Sam Hunt through July. The trio is as excited, as well, as Kelley says in a release: “Being able to play off each other on that stage is honestly where we have the most fun, and I have a feeling the crowd will already be on their feet when we get out there after starting the night with Hunter and Sam!"

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