Idaho yet again has made another list. We're sober!

According to Idaho has the 10th lowest level of excessive drinking in America.

What Idaho city has the highest excessive drinking rates? Sorry Coeur d' Alene, you topped that one for Idaho.

Some additional Idaho stats:

> Adults drinking excessively: 15.4%

> Alcohol-related driving deaths: 32.4% (23rd highest)

> Adults in fair or poor health: 14.1% (14th lowest)

> Drunkest metro area: Coeur d’Alene, ID

"Only 15.4% of adults in Idaho drink excessively, a smaller share than the 18.0% of adults nationwide. Excessive drinking is never healthy and Idaho’s low excessive drinking rate partially explains some positive health outcomes. A key measure of health is the premature death rate, and Idaho’s is below average. For every 100,000 state residents, 310 die before the age of 75. Nationwide, there are 333 deaths before age 75 for every 100,000 people".

So what state has the highest share of adults drinking excessively? North Dakota. Fargo deemed as the drunkest Metro area. I mean, it's really cold and windy there. So.

I took a guess at the drunkest state and I wasn't far off, I figured Wisconsin would take the prize but they are listed #2 in the nation. This actually surprised me but the most sober state in the US is... Tennessee.

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