Car troubles are the freakin’ worst and unfortunately there’s no avoiding them. Not only does it take your time to deal with these issues when they occur, but it also takes a lot of your money. However, where you live plays a huge role in how expensive your visit to the auto shop will be — different states have different prices for things like this — so what’s it like here in Idaho? Let’s find out.

CarMD has a new article that ranks each state by the average cost of check engine light-related car repairs, and here’s what they had to say about their overall findings...

“Rounding out the five most affordable states for car repair after Maine were Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin – all located in the Midwest. After Connecticut, the states/districts needing the most expensive car repairs were Colorado, California, District of Columbia, and Georgia. The most frequently diagnosed repair in all five of the states with the highest average repair costs was “replace catalytic converter.” Costly parts that contain precious metals, catalytic converters do not typically fail unless maintenance and other repairs such as a faulty oxygen sensor or ignition coil are ignored, or a vehicle has high mileage.”

So, where is Idaho on the list?

Idaho is ranked number 24 which is incredibly average.

Average Labor Cost $143.84

Average Parts Cost $245.21

Average Repair Cost $389.05

But something worth noting here is Idaho used to be ranked number 26 just under a year ago, which means in less than a year, Idaho’s car repair costs have been drastically increasing. Do you think they’ll continue to increase?

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