Drones at the State Capitol? They were actually out in full display yesterday to promote a new bill backed by law enforcement and first responders in Idaho. Legislatures have introduced legislation that would allow police and fire departments to use drones without a warrant.

According to KTVB, the current law requires those agencies to get a warrant to use drones in public spaces. However, this new bill would give them more flexibility to use this technology especially "in traffic accidents and traffic reconstruction.”

During a hearing in front of the House Transportation Committee yesterday, supporters of the bill said it would greatly minimize the time officers spend on the scenes of traffic accidents allowing them to "gather information in a matter of minutes." According to Holly Cook, who helped create the legislation, for a "basic crash" it could take four officers 4-5 hours to get all the information they need.

The measure passed without opposition in the committee; now it heads to the House. If it passes there, it will move on to the Senate for consideration.

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