Thai food, anybody? That's one thing I really enjoy about living in the Boise area — there's a bunch of different food and restaurant options — and there's no shortage of amazing places to go for delicious Thai food either.

There's a recent list from Lovefood that shares the "most loved" Thai food in every state, and of course I was curious to see who made the list for Idaho. Keep scrolling for Idaho's #1 Thai restaurant (one of the best in America) and more 👇

Mai Thai Restaurant in Boise

Here's what Lovefood had to say about them...

“A consistent favorite with Boise residents, Mai Thai Restaurant dishes up modern takes on Thai standards, with a focus on top-quality ingredients (such as jasmine rice shipped in from Thailand). The menu is thoughtful, with street-food-inspired plates like Thai basil: your chosen meat is stir-fried with chunky veg, a savory sauce and (you guessed it) loads of Thai basil.”

It looks like this isn’t Mai Thai’s first rodeo, as they’ve also won a variety of other awards, including being voted the Best of Boise for 12 years in a row.

Mai Thai Restaurant
Mai Thai Restaurant

Mai Thai's website says...

“Our mission is to consistently provide our guests with a delicious and remarkable dining experience, through creatively combining traditional and modern styles of Asian cooking. We keep our concept cutting-edge by always maintaining the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality of our food and drinks.”

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