Finally, a "signature dish" for Idaho that isn't potatoes! Boise is home to Idaho's "best signature dish under $10." We often cover some of the greatest places to explore in Boise, and sometimes finding a delicious meal under $10 can be a challenge — but rest assured there are many affordable options out there, too!

There's a recent list from Cheapism that shares the best option here in Idaho 👇

Cheapism says, "Sampling some of the best foods America has to offer doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Across the nation, each state has delicacies you can enjoy for $10 or less."

Who has the best signature dish under $10 in Idaho?

Robert Ross | Google Maps
Robert Ross | Google Maps

Burger N’ Brew in Boise

More specifically, the best dish is their finger steaks! Here's what Cheapism had to say about them...

"Finger steaks are a Boise specialty consisting of crispy breaded and batter-fried beef strips often served with a tangy fry sauce."

Jose Perez | Google Maps
Jose Perez | Google Maps

"A great location to try them for under $10 is at Burger N’ Brew, where you can get seven ounces of tri-tip doused in their batter and served with BBQ sauce for $8. While the finger steaks are pricier at Westside Drive-In at $14, the charm of the '50s style eatery might sway you to spend more."

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