Wynonna Judd's next album could feature some powerhouse vocals from a few of her touring companions. In addition to accompanying Judd for various stops on The Judds: The Final Tour, Trisha Yearwood and Brandi Carlile are rumored to be on an upcoming solo project.

"We are working on a song and we don’t know if it will be on the record or not yet," Judd tells Billboard of Carlile's involvement on the album, mentioning early February dates that she'd be in the studio.

"Right now, Trisha [Yearwood] and I have talked about wanting to do something," she continues. "There is a lot of talk and vibe about right now."

Judd, the daughter and duo partner of the late Naomi Judd, is in the midst of the second leg of a tour which has turned into a traveling memorial of sorts to her late mother. Originally the trek was meant for the duo to say their goodbye as a duo, but Naomi died by suicide in 2022 before the tour launched.

Despite it being different from what was planned, it has been a moving experience for Judd and fans alike..

“It’s beyond my expectations,” Wynonna reveals. "There was a moment where I literally took a step back physically because of the love and support coming at me. They were singing louder than my vocal and were taking over, and I was shocked by it. I knew that they would be great and that they would know the words, and I just didn’t expect the volume and the passion behind people singing.”

The second leg of the tour will wrap on Feb. 25. Judd is expected to continue work on the new album following its run — she has already been writing several new songs with her husband, Cactus Moser.

"It has been me and Cactus writing. We are inseparable and are writing songs and will get with Sam [Beam] of Iron & Wine," she explains. "Lots of people, lots of phone calls and texts. There is natural collaboration right now. I’m such an empath. I just had a show moment with Robert Weir and the Dead & Company guys and I looked at him like, ‘We’re going to do something together, right?’ It’s just palpable."

"This is a really ripe season, when you are brokenhearted like this, there is something about a song that comes naturally and easily. It’s a sweet time to write songs, even though it is a desperately sad time," Judd adds.

Although specific details about the project remain scarce at this time, Judd says she hopes it will arrive this year. One song is already completed.

"I’m writing songs, and just finished one called 'Broken and Blessed,' and it talks about being somewhere between hell and hallelujah," she shares. "That’s where I’m at — I walk through it and deal with it and find meaning in it. Suicide is as deep as the ocean, as far as the depth of sadness and all these emotions, but the music continues to absolutely give me purpose. I’ve found a way to write from a very deep, personal space."

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