For the second time this year, a Boise sandwich has been named the best in Idaho. Does that mean it should be considered best in the Country? 

The first time this sandwich was on Food Network's "50 States 50 Sandwiches" list earlier this year. This time, LoveFood has it as part of their "The Best Sandwiches From Every US State." 

Melissa V./Yelp
Melissa V./Yelp

Guess what, folks? Bar Gernika has done it again! For the second time this year, their Spicy Lamb Grinder has clinched the title of Idaho's best sandwich. If you've enjoyed sinking your teeth into this culinary marvel, you know why it's stealing the show. Imagine tender, slow-cooked lamb marinated with a blend of secret spices that infuse it with an irresistible flavor. Picture that succulent lamb thinly sliced and piled high on a locally sourced baguette, toasted to golden perfection.

For the 2nd time this year, this sandwich has been featured as the best sandwich in Idaho. Is it the best in the Country?

What makes Bar Gernika special is its unpretentious vibe, but this sandwich is far from ordinary. It embodies Idaho's spirit - a fusion of local goodness and global inspiration. So, if you're in Boise, take advantage of your chance to savor the Spicy Lamb Grinder at Bar Gernika. Winning Idaho's best sandwich twice in a single year is no small feat, and it's a testament to the sheer delight this sandwich brings to anyone lucky enough to taste it.

Bar Gernika also appeared on a Popular Food Network Show.

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