Kane Brown's new radio single "Like I Love Country Music" recalls how the hitmaker got his start without forgetting everything he's learned since. In 2015, he was barely past 21, singing traditional country songs while he tried to find his voice in the genre. George Strait and Randy Travis were two legends he famously covered.

The presentation was honest, but a nervous tension permeated his first two radio singles on RCA Records. Then he shifted toward a sound that was lighter and more pop-friendly and found his groove with five straight No. 1 hits. Along the way, he picked up some hip-hop credibility on collaborations with Khalid and Marshmello, got married, fathered a couple of kids and became a legit headliner.

He figured it out, and you hear it during this new song, a playful '90s country hat tip that keeps both of his feet firmly planted in 2022. Fiddle and steel dance with a drum track to power "Like I Love Country Music," Brown's co-write with Matt McGinn, Taylor Phillips and Jordan Schmidt. Unlike so many modern-day artists, the 28-year-old is not trying to recreate the '90s. Like Walker Hayes did during "90's Country," Brown finds a way to be true to the music he's built a career on while introducing new (at least in terms of chosen radio singles) influences.

An album that promises more of the same is set to come at some point in 2022 or early 2023. It will be his first in nearly four years if it happens before November, meaning fans should expect some significant changes. There is precedent for "Like I Love Country Music," however. A Brown, Chase McGill, Will Weatherly co-write called "Short Skirt Weather" from Experiment (2018) is a sort of prequel to this new sound. Many people (including Taste of Country) called for that as a radio single, but his timing for this new sound might be perfect.

Did You Know? Yes, that is Brooks & Dunn adding background vocals during "Like I Love Country Music."

Kane Brown, "Like I Love Country Music" Lyrics:

Let’s get it / Girl, you gone and done it to me / Hotter than a hoochie coochie / Got me like the first time I heard Alan Jackson Chattahoochee / I was never the same again, I’m a lifelong fan / Yes, I am / Baby, I love you like I love country music.

You get me high as Willie, girl / You get me gone as Jones / You turn me on as much as I turn on my radio / Let’s take our time, walk the line / Kinda like Johnny and June did / Yeah, let’s do this / Baby, I love you like I love country music.

‘Cause I could never live without ya / Or my favorite songs about ya / Top to bottom perfect / You’re like Brooks & Dunn’s debut album / You got me feeling like I’m a brand new man / Yes, I am / Baby, I love you like I love country music.

Repeat Chorus

If I was stranded on an island / Only way I could survive is / If I had you and that needle dropping on a vinyl.

Repeat Chorus

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