In 2022, it feels like there's no shortage of things to be angry about:

  • Gas prices
  • Inflation
  • Traffic
  • Political Unrest
  • Shake from Love Is Blind

We try to keep things positive here, but we really are living in a tough era. So what's one to do when the anger gets too pent up to keep inside?

First off, if you truly believe you are dealing with anger issues, please see a professional. However, if you just need to let loose for a bit, this could be the perfect solution.

Smash In Therapy in Idaho Falls is pretty much what it sounds like. You pay an entry fee and get to smash, bash, crush and destroy pretty much everything in sight. It's as amazing as it sounds.

Even better, you get to choose what kind of things you'll be smashing. Having office issues? Why not enter a room where you can terrorize and obliterate old monitors, printers, and keyboards? Auto issues? You can absolutely book a room where you get to smash a car just like Ryu in Street Fighter II (but we don't recommend using your bare hands).

Interested? You can get more info, check prices, and book your "therapy" session here.

Have you ever been to one of these "smash rooms?" While Smash In Therapy isn't the first of it's kind, it's certainly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Best of all? If you swing hard enough and smash all the things, you're highly likely to close all your rings on your Apple Watch.

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