Keith Urban's "Brown Eyes Baby" relies on one heck of a pickup line, especially if you're Keith Urban.

The new radio single — his second from a TBA project — returns to a theme that worked once for the country superstar. Fans will think of "Blue Ain't Your Color" when they hear him sing "I can take the blue out of your brown eyes baby" at the end of each chorus.

Sonically, the two tracks are worlds apart, but both find Urban saying, "Chin up."

Will Bundy, Rodney Clawson, Josh Thompson and Morgan Wallen wrote a story about a woman who is longterm down in the dumps, presumably after the end of a relationship (her "heart's a mess" and let's be honest, this is country music — they're not talking about someone suffering from a dip in the stock market).

The wrong approach to the chorus would sound very bro-y, but Urban's sensitive touch paints lyrics like "I’ll be the buzz that you feel when you sip slow / Slow dance right back in your dirt road" the color of love and romance. Then, his electric guitar builds tension through the final chorus, further flaming the mood, but as much as anything he's released recently, "Brown Eyes Blue" is a vocal and lyrical showcase. 

That's what makes it all such a great pickup line. Not any schlub can make it work at the bar or, in this case, on the radio. The right song found the right singer.

Did You Know?: The last time Urban went "Blue," it worked very well. In fact, "Blue Ain't Your Color" is his most recent No. 1 hit on Billboard's country airplay chart.

Listen to Keith Urban, "Brown Eyes Baby"

Keith Urban's "Brown Eyes Baby" Lyrics:

You made up your mind / Got off the couch / Did up your hair, now you’re going out / You put on that party dress / Even though your heart's a mess / Your friends swung by / You jumped in the car / You walked in here and now here we are / Puttin’ the hurtin’ on some Jose / And catchin’ up while the band plays / You say you miss the girl you used to be / Bet I can find her if you let me.

I can put the smile right back where your smile goes / Dreams back in what you see when your eyes close / I’ll be the buzz that you feel when you sip slow / Slow dance right back in your dirt road / I can put the sun right back in your sunshine / Bring a little love back into your late night / Ain’t gotta be nothin’ more than one more drink and maybe / I can take the blue out of your brown eyes, baby.

And that wild side / That you learned to tame / She’ll roll in like a midnight train / Almost like she never left here / And I’ll be ready, baby, when she gets here.

Repeat Chorus

Put the full back in your half empty / Put the 2 in your step again / 'Bout to see where leanin’ in gets me / Baby, just say when.

Repeat Chorus

attachment-Brown Eyes Baby Cover Art
Capitol Records Nashville

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