Hey there! If you're reading this, it's likely because you're wondering who the heck this Jimmy guy is. Well let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about how I got here.

My name is Jimmy Donohue and I grew up in a small town a little north of San Francisco called Petaluma. It was in this sleepy little town that my love for country music started to grow and it was all because of my mom. My mom LOVES country music. I knew she was cleaning the house on the weekends when I would wake to Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw blasting from our living room stereo. My very first concert was Dierks Bentley opening up for Toby Keith with special guest WILLIE FREAKIN NELSON! It was that concert that sealed my fate; I was a country music fan for life. So thanks for that Mom. Love ya!

After I graduated high school, I decided to leave California and go to Fairbanks, Alaska for college. It was up in the Last Frontier where I got my first job in radio and I was able to combine my love for country music with my new found love for radio. For three years I hosted an outlaw country music radio show on my college's public radio station. I eventually got a job on a more commercial radio station in Fairbanks on a Top 40 pop station and did that for another four years. Eventually it was time to pack up my bags once more and hit the road again. I ended up right here in beautiful Boise, Idaho in October of 2017.

Like a moth to a flame I had made way back to country music and I couldn't be any happier. Sharing the music I love with the amazing people of the Treasure Valley (Seriously, you guys are the nicest people I have ever met) is a dream come true. I cannot wait to get to know everyone and hopefully help inspire a new generation of country music lovers! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

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