I have been making more of my own beauty products lately, and trying to go more natural.  I found this e-book, “Love Your Skin” by Nicci Leigh on Kindle, and I thought some of the women in my life might like this handy little skin-care book for Mother’s Day.  It really breaks down what to do, depending on what skin-type you have.  It’s no-nonsense, saying how it’s really a myth that your skin may get worse before it gets better when you start using a product.  Leigh says if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, stop using it.  Also, no matter how damaged your skin may be, it’s repairable, but like everything else in life, it just takes time.

Part of what I love is that while she suggests products you can use for your skin type, there is a DIY section near the back that has recipes that are easy to make.  I am always up for using natural products to do what needs to be done!  I've been using the Facial Cleansing Oil, Toner (which I didn't realize I probably really need to use), and made the Vitamin C Serum (the batch I've made has gotten me through a couple of weeks using it morning and night).  There are also recipes for the different kinds of suggested masks (because different types of masks do different things), even a body scrub, lip scrub, and tooth powder.  I love this DIY stuff.

This book gives me hope, and so far, each day I “love my skin” a little more.  It’s far less expensive than actually going to see a specialist, but is very informative about when to go and which specialist to see.  I’ve really enjoyed this book, and keep referring back to it.  It’s never too late or too early to learn more about taking care of your skin.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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