A lot of Idahoans head to the lake for the Memorial Day Weekend. Here's what you need to know about launch access at Lucky Peak this weekend!

If you're thinking about hooking the boat to the truck and heading to Lucky Peak this weekend to do some boating, you certainly won't be alone, but the Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation, along with Lucky Peak State Park Management are warning that launch access on the lake, including access to fuel and docks are being impacted by the ever changing level of the lake due to run off.

In addition, they are warning that there is a lot of debris floating this year from the excessive run off. So...if you are headed that way....two words:


The ONLY ramps available for launching your boat this weekend will be Turner Gulch and the west ramp at Spring Shores. You won't be able to launch at any of the other areas.

“We’re asking boaters to plan in advance for the busy weekend, understanding that launch docks at both Turner Gulch and Spring Shores will be limited,” said Surat Nicol, Lucky Peak State Park Assistant Manager.

The fuel dock at Spring Shores Marina will not be available, so plan accordingly!

The problem is not too MUCH water at Lukcy Peak....it's too LITTLE.

Officials say Lucky Peak is currently 42 vertical feet from full and dropping just over a foot a day, and will continue to drop until at least Sunday, May 28th. This is preparation for the record snow pack in the mountains and the amount of run off it's expected to create as it melts with warmer temperatures.

Getty Images - (not Lucky Peak - but you may encounter a similar scene this weekend at Lucky Peak)
Getty Images - (not Lucky Peak - but you may encounter a similar scene this weekend at Lucky Peak)

You can see current lake levels and boat ramp elevations at Lucky Peak HERE





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