I don't have time to watch much TV. But my wife and I MAKE time to watch "The Walking Dead." And after reading this story, I'm starting to wonder if Andrew Lincoln (AKA, Rick Grimes) may be taking his acting a little too far.... (Warning: Some spoilers ahead)



Seriously, I'm about to toss out some spoilers.







Okay.  You've been warned....





So, you know that dude Gareth this season who turned out to be a cannibal?  Rick, who has been getting a little insane in the membrane lately, served up some post-apocalyptic justice to Gareth.  The actor who played Gareth did an interview the other day and said that Andrew Lincoln ("Rick") would stay in character all of the time, even when they weren't shooting.

Apparently, Andrew would sneak up on "Gareth" even when they weren't filming and whisper obscenities into the actor's ear to freak him out.

Whoa.  And you thought "Rick" was going all grape-nuts.  Maybe pretending you live in a zombie-filled end of the world landscape takes its toll on you.

You can read the whole story HERE.