We love St. Jude Children's Research Hospital here at WOW 104.3, so naturally, we love anyone who also loves St. Jude. Enter Nicole and Jill, we were introduced by a Michelle Heart from our sister station LITE FM. Michelle has seen our efforts over the years and thought we should connect. So we did and I found out about their amazing journey to help St. Jude!

Nicole and Jill are heading off to Nashville in April to participate in the St. Jude 'Rock-n-Roll' half marathon!! How amazing is that?! They'll be representing the Treasure Valley in an amazing event that will help so many kids and families around the world. Before they set off to Nashville, Jill and Nicole are expanding their fundraising efforts with a really cool event. They're hosting a charity bike ride at Cycle Bar in the Village at Meridian tomorrow! Join them on a fun on stationary bikes accompanied by super up-beat music and lights. PLUS there will be a TON of prizes (including concert tickets, Wahooz passes, and Boise Music Festival tickets!). The best part about it is that 100% of the $25 bike reservation will go straight to St. Jude!

WHEN: Saturday, March 10 -- 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: Cycle Bar in the Village at Meridian

Credit: Jill Cobler
Credit: Jill Cobler
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    Jill Cobler

     Born and raised Idaho girl, and I’m running a half marathon in Nashville on April 28 supporting St. Jude.
    First, I want to tell a little about me and my background. Growing up I was always the heavy girl. I have been through ups and downs in life but have chosen to always learn, grow, and make better choices. For the last 6 years I have dedicated to becoming healthier and have lost around 80lbs. At first I was in the gym working out by myself, music on, just sweating away the pounds.. I can still remember the first time I tried to run on a treadmill. I survived 1 minute! Yep that was it. But I pushed myself through.  I even had a slump year after injuring myself and had to get myself back in track.  Since then, I have moved to running outdoors, cross training with Fleet Feet group, Cyclebar and F45 and some occasional days in the gym. I still am pushing my goals further and working towards new goals. The first being running my first half marathon at the St. Jude Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series.
    Nicole and I have only known each other since June of 2017. A work friend I’d done a few workouts with told me I had to meet her new coworker who loves running outside and is just as crazy and addicted to being healthy as me. From the first run we have become amazing workout buddies and friends. In the last 4 months alone we have stepped up our training be it together or separate. Both of us motivate and push each other to excel in our goals. We both knew running to support St. Jude was a perfect start for our goal of running in all 50 states a half, full, or ultra race.
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    Nicole Adams

    I'm a mom of two beautiful baby girls and I live to be their example! I have a very close life-long friend who's baby around the same age as mine passed after a short and extremely rough battle with brain cancer. They were blessed immensely by the care they were shown through St Jude children hospital. Watching their journey FOREVER changed me as a mom and a woman!! I changed everything I do with my babies and after 4 years of the new "us" I've become an avid runner/health enthusiast and I've lost 100lbs of "I can't" along the way. Now all I want to do is give back..this is my first step!

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