Ada County Mosquito Abatement officials have found more locations where West Nile is present in the area.

The locations, as listed by the Ada County Mosquito Abatement District are:

1. S. Cloverdale Rd. & E. Deer Flat Rd.
2. S. Valley Heights Dr. & W. Raul St.
3. S. Columbia Rd. & Gantz Ave.

Officials remind you to take the proper precautions and protect yourself and your family. They recommend the following:

"Stay inside during dusk and dawn, wear loose light-colored clothing (long sleeves, long pants), and use mosquito repellant that contains DEET. Also, inspect your property and drain any standing water that could serve as mosquito breeding habitat."

Be smart and safe when outdoors, especially around areas of standing water. Ponds, marshes, even buckets that have collected rain or sprinkler water can host larvae.

You can see a map of the 2018 mosquito surveillance areas HERE



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