This year I asked my kids to not buy me anything for Father's Day.  i just wanted to spend time with them.  Talk, laugh, eat, and whatever else we wanted to do.  It was the best ever!


My kids are a little older so I only see them a couple times a month.  Most are in college, three are married, and my cool, little 13-year-old son is the only one that still lives at home with mama.  They've all set up camp in Salt Lake City so I make the drive two or three times a month.  I've been doing this for two years now and every second I see them is precious.  The time we spend together now is so much better and stronger than before.  We all just appreciate it.  We don't take any of it for granted.


My four beautiful daughters and my one son gave me exactly what I asked for this year.  No gifts.  Just the gift of their company.  We hung out, went to the movies, ate my favorite dinner, went swimming, played games, and binge watched some cheesy shows til 2 o'clock in the morning.


The one thing I didn't expect were letters.  Each of my children wrote me a letter.  I haven't opened them yet, I'm about to read them in private and what's said in those letters I'd like to keep that way.  Some things need to just be mine.  No facebook, blogs, Instagram or whatever.  I'm excited to read them and as I think back to all the adventures we've all had and everything we've experienced together I hope they know how incredibly great they all are.  They are my life.  They are my everything.  They are all the good that is in me.  God sent me these angels because he knew I needed them.  And I do.  Those five take the insanity of this world and somehow make it sane.  Make it all worth it.  And as they throw out their flashback pictures of me and tell the world how great I am and how they have the best dad ever, I can only think... I'm the luckiest man alive.  I'm not that great.  I never have been.  It's not for lack of trying, I'm just not.  And for God to bless me with these five angels that I don't come anywhere close to deserving... I can't thank him enough.


To my children and all the children that give us father's purpose.  Thank you for being you.  Not for being perfect because perfect is boring... perfect gives us no reason to hold your hand, give you advice, hold you when you need it, or love you when you feel your world has crumbled.  Perfect to me is all the flaws you have and all the mistakes you make.  It's all of you.  We fathers wouldn't have it any other way.  You love us for who we are, and we are who we are because of that love.  Thank You!