These have been gaining a lot of popularity and I finally was able to make one! Paint 'N Sips are known by a few other names but a place you can paint and have a refreshment.

There is a Paint 'N Sip in Boise that my friend turned me onto was really fun and they do many theme nights throughout the year. This one was held at the CHOW market in the Edwards Theater Complex. This was a free for all night and even though I do paint once in a while it is more abstract and these are actual pictures but the great thing about these is there are instructions.

We chose a tree picture with some flower blossoms and I unfortunately didn't realize the tree is black and so is the background that's why it was key to water it down. I am always one that is competitive and trying to make it look perfect but also like I mentioned before I am more abstract so tend to go off instruction.

It didn't turn out bad and everyone's looked great!


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