The coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on many things in 2020 and that includes weddings for anyone who had a date set during the year.

Raymundo and his fiancé Laura have been planning on getting married in October since getting engaged in December 2019. They originally weren't planning on making any changes to their wedding, because they had hoped things would calm down from the pandemic by the fall. However, that hasn't happened, October has slowly creeped up and their wedding is almost 2 months away.

So in order to comply with local government guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic, Raymundo and Laura had to uninvite several people to their wedding. They had already cut down how many people were going to be in attendance earlier this year to ensure it wasn't going to be too big. Now, they've had to make cuts so that only their immediate family, and wedding parties are invited.

During the show today (August 19), Raymundo shared that they had to take wedding invites away from Morgan2Mike DScuba SteveUtility Hillary, and Phone Screener Abby. BobbyEddie, and Lunchbox will all still be at the wedding because they are Raymundo's groomsmen. And Amy and her husband are still invited due to their super close relationship with Raymundo and Laura.