We know you've been missing Rick and Carly's Cash Code. Here's why!

First, thank you for all the calls and questions about Rick and Carly's Cash Code! We appreciate you listening to Wow Country 104.3, and we love giving you the chance to win up to $5,000 every weekday! But...

Given the tragedy and horrific events in Las Vegas this past Sunday, we just didn't feel right continuing with contesting and acting like this terrible night didn't happen. We actually suspended all of our contesting for a couple of days, and originally, we thought we would bring back the Cash Code today (Wed). However, after thinking about it, we thought about the victims of the Las Vegas shootings, and decided to take a break for the rest of this week. The money that would have been given away with the Cash Code, is now being donated to the Las Vegas Vicitims Fund.

Phase One of Rick and Carly's Cash Code was scheduled to end this Friday, and next week, we'll be giving codes for a chance to win a trip to the 2017 CMA Awards in Nashville!

Rick and Carly's Cash Code will be back! Phase Two will start in November, and you'll have more chances to win up to $5,000 a day!

In the meantime, we hope you understand, and hope that you support our decision to donate the remaining cash of Phase One to the victims and their families of the Las Vegas tragedy.

If you'd like to donate as well, we would appreciate it. Hey...Country Music is about family, and families stick together, especially here in the Treasure Valley. Thanks for understanding...and thanks for listening to Wow Country 104.3!

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