If I told you there's a list of the best airport restaurants across the USA, would you believe me? 

I also say yes since there's a list for everything. Also, have you ever gone to the airport and thought, "I can't wait to eat here?!" Or have you ever left the airport and thought, "That was such a great meal!" If you have, please let us know what airport we need to go to and where to eat. 

Our friends over at LoveFood did release a list of "The Best Airport Restaurants Across The USA," and there aren't many on the list. As you know, many airport establishments are part of the business of the city in which they are located. LoveFood talks about how this restaurant at Seattle-Tacoma Aiport in Washington, "this stylish restaurant, which overlooks the tarmac at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's Concourse A, is one of a kind." 

When looking at Yelp reviews for Floret's, and was very impressed with what people had to say. Yes, there were some one and two star reviews, but overall Floret has a four star rating with over 400 reviews. 

If you're flying into or from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport anytime soon, there is one thing you should know. 

Floret offers vegetarian cuisine, so if you're seeking out this establishment, don't be alarmed when you get there. Floret offers breakfast from 6 am to 1 pm and has other options for the rest of the day. 

Floret is part of Cafe Flora which is located in Seattle, and "Embodying Cafe Flora's philosophy of seasonal, local cuisine, Floret is a big open space and a breath of fresh air in the bustling airport." 

Floret Restaurant Inside Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Floret restaurant inside of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was named one of the best airport restaurants in the USA by LoveFood.

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