Even though Boise and a lot of the Treasure Valley is feeling more and more congested outside of our capitol city area there is a TON of wilderness in Idaho. As it turns out outside of Alaska, Idaho is the state with the largest area of remote and rugged wilderness in the United States.

The Fact Site says, "Idaho has some of the largest regions of protected wilderness in the whole of the US, such as the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area, which covers 2.3 million acres (930,000 hectares). Idaho is lucky enough to be full to the brim with snow-capped mountains, lakes that stretch as far as you can see, white water rapids, and canyons that carve their way through the land."

So how much wilderness does the state really have? Wildreness.org says, "From weathered mountain peaks and deep river gorges to sheer-walled desert canyons and old-growth forests, these irreplaceable landscapes offer some of the best backcountry recreation and whitewater rafting while also providing a home for wildlife emblematic to the American West. 4.7 million acres of designated wilderness with Idaho's Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho being the largest designated wilderness (besides Alaska)."

Idaho is also home to the deepest canyon in the United States. Sure the Grand Canyon is glorious but Idaho's Hell’s Canyon that has been "carved out over the centuries by the Snake River is 7,993 feet deep, claiming the title of the deepest river gorge in the US."

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