What it Means to Be A Dad
Dads understand sometimes the kids come first. Fans of the Lion King call it the 'Circle of Life." Dads look at their kids seeing unlimited potential as they give love unconditionally.
Becoming Thankful
The white picket fence is gone, but this Thanksgiving I'm more grateful than I have ever been.
Help Rick's Daughter Start A Family
It's not often I ask for anything. Almost never, but for my kids, I'll do whatever it takes to help them. This is my daughter Lexi and her husband Porter. Two of the best people I know and two people that need a miracle to live the dream of starting a family.
Greg's Cousin's Wedding :)
And now for the main event! My cousin Allie's wedding.  One reason this was amazing, other than how gorgeous she looked and how beautiful the scenery was, is that it's a miracle I even know her.......seriously!  My Dad's family was from New York but for some reason all the t…
Missing My Son
Moving here to the beautiful state of Idaho has had so many ups, and yes, some downs as well.  Leaving Salt Lake City where I've raised my five beautiful kids has been tough.  Two of my daughters are married now, one pregnant, the other two are starting college this summer and we, as a family, have…
Delta Dental Family Variety Stage
The Delta Dental Family Stage was brimming with talented singers, jump ropers, dancers and musicians. All ages enjoyed the talents of Tina Antonucci, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Inner Diva Dance Fitness, Darius Marcell, Beneath the Surface, and Jazz Revival.
Friday to Friday
The neighborhood where I grew up (gravel roads, a bazillion trees, hills ideal for flying down on bikes and a candy store and haunted woods only a short walk away) would hold huge outdoor picnics each fall, where a huge bonfire was built and logs were circled around so we could eat, laugh, and get t…

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