If you're heading into the new year as a parent to a baby that takes formula, you're going to want to pay close attention to the latest recall from the Food & Drug Administration.

This popular baby formula can cause some serious issues

According to the FDA, Reckitt/Mead Johnson Nutrition announced a recall on December 30 on one of their most popular formulas. The reason for the recall is that there is "Potential Cronobacter sakazakii contamination."

The FDA says that there are no reports of anyone being contaminated but it can cause some serious health issues in babies. According to the FDA, Cronobacter can cause "severe, life-threatening infections (sepsis) or meningitis (an inflammation of the membranes that protect the brain and spine)."

"Cronobacter infection may also cause bowel damage and may spread through the blood to other parts of the body," says the FDA.

The formula was distributed to stores nationwide. Here's more on what we know about the recall including which were affected...

FDA To Idaho Parents: Get Rid Of This Baby Formula NOW!

The Food and Drug Administration just announced a recall of a popular baby formula that could affect parents across the Treasure Valley.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

According to ABC News, there are an estimated 675,000 cans that could be infected with the deadly bacteria. It's the latest in a series of recalls that we've seen to end 2023. Most recently, the Food & Drug Administration issued a recall on an ingredient used in some of the most popular drinks out there.

The recall resulted in over 70 popular drinks being recalled.

As for the baby formula recall, we're grateful that no one has been infected by the contaminated formula and are hopeful that no one will be infected.

Why Idaho Is About To Ban 70 Drinks From Our Stores

According to their website, the Food and Drug Administration "proposed to revoke the regulation authorizing the use of brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food" which is found in a lot of popular soft drinks.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

A Look At Some Of The Drinks That Contain The Toxic Ingredient BVO

Consumer Reports says that there are 70 drinks in the US containing BVO but, thanks to a recent report from Daily Mail, we found a handful of brand names that contain BVO...

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