The Largest House in Idaho Is….
This family made a fortune selling on Amway decades ago. This is still the largest house in the gem state, base off of square footage reports. Boasting an impressive 28,469-square-feet with 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.
Meridian’s Easter House With Real Bunnies
It quickly became 'The Easter House' to us due to the near neon yellow and electric green trim. A couple of weeks went by and we were walking by the street again but this time we noticed something extra special about 'The Easter House'.
Indoor Go-Kart Track Opens in Boise
As a Treasure Valley parent, you're always looking for fun things to do with the kids. Thankfully the Boise area has a lot to offer for families, which is just one reason it always makes the list of great places to live. My family enjoys the Boise Aquarium, Zoo Boise, Roaring Springs, and we al…
Eagle Bike Park: Free Outdoor Fun For All Ages
Eagle Bike Park has a ton more to offer that we didn't even check out. Not only this fun track for kids and BMXers but winding hillside mountain biking trails spreading out right above it. We could see dozens of bikers weaving in and out, up and down exploring and having fun.
Adventures in Snow Surrounded Idaho Hot Springs
I did what any respectable woman would do and took my suit top off to enjoy the natural hot springs in my all natural attire. It was a little embarrassing when a group of people silently snuck up on us. I had my back to them most of the time but ooops. I guess we weren't as alone as we thought.…

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