The Castles of Idaho
Oh what it would be like to be stuck at home, be it for quarantine, virtual learning, or just to escape the fire smoke but imagine it this time in a castle. Idaho has some incredible castles to explore.
The Rules of The Hells Angels
I grew up on the back of my dads Harley and while my dad, in my mind is cool as hell, I don't think he's quite got what it takes to be a Hell's Angel after reading this list.

Bucket List Inspiration
The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is coming up and a Hot Air Balloon ride has always been on my bucket list. I found a huge list of inspiring items to add.
Booyah! 90's Sayings You Thought Were Da Bomb
I was 5 to 15 years old during the 90's and had 3 older sisters and I wanted to be just like my rad sisters. Some of these sayings hit pretty close to home and brought back some memories of a little girl desperately trying to be cool.

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