Ah yes... the strip club. It's a place of business that encourages people to feast their eyes on the human body as long as they keep tipping stacks of one-dollar bills.

It's intended to be harmless fun for many and an easy dollar for the brave souls in the profession.

Everyone can take it off!

As we're all likely aware, there are both male and female strippers everywhere. And when we say everywhere, we don't mean you're going to see a nude dancer at your local Chili's while you down a margarita.

There are strip clubs all across America and quite a few in the state of Utah. Shoot, when we brought this up to our peers, one of the most common responses we received was: "Utah has strip clubs?"

Yes, Margaret. Utah does, in fact, have strip clubs.

It should also surprise no one that some of those strip clubs don't/can't serve alcohol to their customers. That makes things extra interesting and is one of the main reasons we chose to research this.

Using reviews from multiple sites, we compiled the best thirteen one-star reviews that we could find of Utah's strip clubs.

One of the things that we noticed about some of these reviews and some that we didn't include is that some customers don't seem to understand the job of a stripper: to make money.

Many seemed almost surprised that strippers were trying to get as much money as they could out of them... as if they were just there to become friends and hang out.

Mind you - some of these same clubs don't serve alcohol.

Ready to cringe? Let's get to it...

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