Moug and Carly

Teachers Showing They Care
It was pretty cool to see this the other day when I drove by Meridian Middle School, and really showed that Treasure Valley Teachers care for and miss their students.
Idaho Farm Giving Away Potatoes
A lot of businesses are struggling due to effects of the Coronavirus, and the potato industry is no different. Instead of throwing away their crops, one Idaho farm is giving them away.
Millennials versus Gen Z
This is not a rant against Gen Z by any means, but rather a distinction for those who refer to anyone under the age of 35 as a "millennial". We are not the Tide Pod eating generation nor are we the annoying Spring Breakers the news keeps reporting on.
Do Politics End Friendships?
Seems like a ridiculous choice to have to make, but in the current political climate and the vast access to information and misinformation, pepper in the fact that any and everyone can share a meme that seemingly shatters an entire belief system, this is often a choice that needs to be made.
Having To Come To Terms With My Dog Getting Old
It's a tough reality to face... That dogs age so quickly. When I adopted Toby back in 2010, he was 2-3 ish years old, and man, does time with the pups go by so quickly. Here's our story. A bro and his pooch...
Bachelor Party Do’s And Dont’s
So the idea of a bachelor party is to like, complete the sewing of your wild oats or something like that, right? My best man and another groomsman are planning mine and they have a "surprise" in store...

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