This weekend, I was shamed for wearing a mask, and I was also shamed for not wearing a mask. Should we be wearing them or not?

I was at a hardware store in Meridian over the weekend with my fiance, wearing a face mask that she made me, just as a precaution. I mean, I'd rather not get Coronavirus and I honestly don't see any harm in wearing the mask. This guy must have just been fed up with seeing people in masks and I happened to be the tipping point so he decided to stop and ask me "what do you really think this stupid mask is going to accomplish?", to which I simply replied, "just trying to stay safe", which by the way, I think it's pretty ridiculous to have to explain myself to anyone but you always think of stuff after an interaction like that.

Less than 24 hours later, we're pulling up to the grocery store and I realize I'd left my mask at home. I decided I'd head in anyway since there were a considerable amount of people not wearing masks and we were just running in for a few quick items. Walking through the produce section and sure enough... SHAMED by someone who was wearing a mask. Not as overtly as my hardware store experience but you could see the daggers coming my way and the disappointed eyes as she shook her head at me for walking through the store without a mask on.

At a point here where I truly feel like I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. Why are we like this?

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