The Chicks Have a New Album
While driving a song came on from my iTunes new music playlist that made me dance in the car. It was fun upbeat and had me hooked. There was something familiar about the singers for sure, but it took me a couple of times through to realize who it was.
Bobby Picks His Favorite Sad Songs
It's no secret that Bobby Bones loves his sad songs. He enjoys sad songs even when he's not feeling sad, he just likes to listen to them. He decided to share his favorite sad songs ever. He shared his top 4 songs, as well as the song that's definitely an honorable mention...
Check Out The Song I Wrote On My Way To Work
We all have songs that we sing along to while we're listening to the radio. Like me, some of us think we're quite good and are a little surprised that no one has heard how good we are while singing in the shower and signed us to a record deal on the spot, right between lathering and rinsin…
Bobby Names His Top 5 Country Songs Of The Sumer 2020
Every year, Bobby Bones names his favorite Country Songs Of The Year and his favorite Country Songs Of The Summer. When July hits, Bones typically shares his list on The Bobby Bones Show.
Since Billboard just shared their list of all genre songs of the summer, Bones…
Study: Music in the Mornings is the Answer
My man Kris has the loudest most obnoxious buzzer alarm in the world. Now, thanks to this study, I can convince him to change it to music. I mean its scientifically proven, that should be enough to win the argument right?
The Best "Summer" Songs in Country
As the Treasure Valley prepares for its first triple-digit temperature day of the year, I put together a playlist of my favorite country summer songs. All five of these songs have the word "Summer" in their title, not just songs that are about summer, like Alan Jackson's Chatt…

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