Idaho Ranked 5th BEST State for 2021
Idaho soared in Economy (3rd place) Fiscal Stability (4th place). Idaho scored 10th for both infrastructure and crime and corrections categories. 12th place for natural environment (clearly they have not explored enough here.) ...
Should Idaho Move its Boarder to Include Southern Oregon
This has been an ongoing battle for counties who want out of the blue state for years. This coming May Oregon voters will be able to give their two cents on the matter. If approved, Idaho's boarders would alter to include Southern and Eastern Oregon and the Northernmost part of California.
Idaho Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing More Than US
Usually when Idaho is topping a national chart it is for something positive but not this time. AAA Idaho did a study and on average in the gem state we had a 20-cent jump, in one month. That is a substantial leap for a 30 day period.
Sochi Winter Olympics Recap
An American ice dancing team made history, and the U.S. and Russia finished Monday tied at the top of the medal table. Here's a recap of the day's action in Sochi:
Sochi Winter Olympics Recap
The U.S. men's hockey team remained undefeated, and The Netherlands claimed the overall medal lead at the Winter Olympics. Here's a recap of this weekend's action in Sochi.
Sochi Winter Olympics Recap
The U.S. moved up to a second-place tie in the overall medal count, and a Russian Olympic veteran withdrew from the Winter Games. Here's a recap of Thursday's action in Sochi: