When the device is activated it shoots out fish hook Kevlar wires that wrap around the targets ankles like a lasso. If someone is not complying or tries to run this can immobilize them without the use of anything lethal. It's called a BolaWrap and can restrain a subject 10 to 25 feet away and shoots the 8 foot kevlar tether 513 feet per second. It costs over $1,000 per device.

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The BolaWrap was created by a private company a couple of years ago but is quickly growing in popularity among agencies due to the recent protests. It is now being sold to police departments around the world. Over 600 police agencies have attended live demonstrations of the BolaWrap and so far 90 departments have put in orders. Agencies in California, Florida and Texas, have reported that they used it to detain someone successfully.


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