Trisha Yearwood was quoted in an article with CMT News talking about her marriage with Garth Brooks. She shared that in quarantine, they have developed routines to keep them grounded while they're home. Naturally, Brooks routine involves something super sweet that he does for Yearwood every single day.

Yearwood shared that every morning he wakes up before her to go outside and work on their farm. But before he goes outside, he always makes sure the dishes are done and coffee is made for when Yearwood wakes up. So The Bobby Bones Show shared what small things their partners do often to make them smile.

  • Amy said that her husband will massage her shoulders anytime she 'wiggles' her body to show that she's sore.
  • Bobby shared that his girlfriend has been making him all kinds of foods that he loves while in quarantine.
  • Eddie said that his wife always makes him coffee in the mornings.
  • Raymundo shared that his fiancé always keeps their fridge stocked with beer, especially on rough days.
  • Lunchbox said that his wife will always pick up all the towels he leaves on the floor.