No matter how many facts you lay on a person, there are some who are just fine and dandy believing what they believe. There was a Reddit thread that came out with people dishing some real hard facts about everyday stuff where there shouldn't be a dispute or argument on its validity. Yet, somehow one of their friends or coworkers decided to argue with them on the matter anyways. Sometimes it's just hard letting things go.

Here are some facts that resulted in some serious disagreements for a few unfortunate people.

Camel humps don’t store water. They store fat reserves. Having the fat in one spot keeps the animal from overheating by not having it all over their bodies.

A pool with a “strong chlorine smell” isn’t cleaner. In fact, a strong chlorine smell could indicate that it’s chemically out of balance and might need more.

Cutting your hair doesn’t make it grown back thicker. Hormones and genetics are responsible for that.

Contrary to what you’ve seen on television and in the movies, an undercover cop doesn’t have to tell you they’re a cop if you ask. Instead, the first thing out of your mouth should be “I want a lawyer.”

Lightning can, in fact, strike twice in the same place. So, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear of open places in a storm…just in case.


The rules of Jenga say quite clearly that you are allowed to tap a block to see if it’s loose, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar, cheat, and sore loser.

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