We've lost many great celebrities over the years. Everyone has a different celebrity that's impacted them in some way whether it's an artist, comedian, actor, or just a person from reality TV.

The Bobby Bones Show members each shared which celebrity they wish they got the chance to meet and spend time with while they were still alive. The celebrities range from Tupac to Abe Lincoln To Hugh Hefner. All of the show members mostly had different choices besides a few who agreed on artists. Check out the below to see which dead celebrity each show member wishes they could have spent time with while they were still alive.

Bobby's Choices:

Kurt Cobain, Tupac, John Lennon, and Abe Lincoln

Amy's Choices:

Jesus, Tupac, and Mother Theresa

Eddie's Choice:

Alexander Hamilton

Lunchbox's Choice:

Hugh Hefner

Morgan2's Choice:

Marilyn Monroe

Raymundo's Choices:

Moses, Adam & Eve, & Sampson