On The Bobby Bones Show today (May 21), Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Raymundo, and Morgan were all talking about things they believed in as kids. These things we came to find out were definitely not true as we got older. Most of the things we were told by our parents or our siblings, and others we just thought from a young age.

These are all of the things we believed as kids, but one day realized they definitely weren't true.

  • Eddie thought basketball players did special butt exercises so when they fell it didn’t hurt.
  • Bobby thought babies came out of belly buttons.
  • Amy thought if you talked to stop lights it would get them to turn colors.
  • Lunchbox thought if he stepped on a crack it would break his mom's back.
  • Raymundo thought if you swallowed gum it would get stuck in your rib cage.
  • Morgan2 was told if you make that silly face, your face would be stuck forever like that.

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