Does your child have the app on their phone? You better find out!

An Illinois father who had the popular app ( on his cell phone and would let her play with it was shocked when she told him that someone had messaged her and asked her to send a shirtless picture of herself!

Luckily the young girl was smart enough to go directly to her parents. The father, Brad Frakes, said the app lets kids make musical videos of themselves and that his daughter used the app to play with her cousins, and that he "never thought in a million years that we would receive anything other than family fun with this app."

According to Frakes, "She came to us and let us know that there was someone asking her to remove clothing for pictures, and she knew it wasn't right."

Frakes also added that his daughter does not have her own cell phone. The phone in question belonged to him, and he would let her use it to make videos to share with her cousins and family members.

If your kids have their own cell phone, or you have the app "" on your phone and you let your kids use it, you should double check to make sure the settings are set to protect your family's privacy.

You can read more about it HERE

Source: ABC News

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