As you have noticed, it's that time of the year again. That time of the year when you see those fluffy white balls flying around in the air. If you struggle with allergies, this could be a problem.

It's Populus Deltoides. They are native to North America, including Idaho. For those who are new to Idaho, they are from Cottonwood trees, which produce fluffy seeds surrounded by cotton-like fibers. Those fibers help them disperse in the wind. The cottonwood seeds are commonly referred to as cottonwood cotton or cottonwood fluff.


Cottonwood trees are prevalent along rivers, streams, and wetlands thought Idaho. With two primary species in Idaho, the Black Cottonwood occurs from northern California through the Northern Rockies to Alaska. The Narrowleaf Cottonwood grows farther south along the South Fork of the Snake. According to the Post Register, cottonwood trees are the fastest growing trees in North America.

Aspire Allergy says, "Cottonwoods are one of the most common culprits behind allergic reactions to pollen, especially if you suffer from allergies every year at this time."

loading... says the top allergens are grasses, plantain, and chenopods in Boise right now. The most popular time of the year to see those fluffy white balls flying around will be late Spring into early Summer. When driving around when there's a breeze, you're more likely to end up with that cottonwood fluff in your car or inside your home if you leave a door open without a screen. Trust me. I know they can be a little struggle to clean, especially since they're so light, and any wind blows them in a different direction.

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