Wichita, Kansas couple Ed and Jane Frederick saw that their community was struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

They wanted to do something to help. Ed Frederick owns Buckley Roofing and is now retired. His wife Jane volunteers at the food bank. A combination of their life and business experience, the two of them found a way to give back. They donated $100,000 of their own money to the Kansas Food Bank.

Frederick told KWCH that he invested early in stocks, and he and his wife are grateful to do well enough to be able to give during this time of need. As a small business owner, he wanted to help those many people who are out of work. He said,

“In my eyes, it’s the employees. Buckley Roofing and all small businesses need to survive because of the families they employ. It’s just devastating to so many people when they lose their jobs. Making this donation to the Kansas Food Bank gives them the basics and food, so that’s one worry they may not have to worry about."