Ohio Fairborn Primary School teacher Sarah Key wanted to make sure her 13 preschool students didn't miss out on marking a special occasion just because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Every year, Key is typically in charge of organizing a preschool graduation for the whole district to celebrate the children. Since she couldn't do what she normally does this year, she decided to give them some sort of normalcy. She planned a safe socially distanced ceremony and photoshoot for each of her 13 students.

Key reached out to her friend and part-time photographer Melissa Bautista to take the photos. Turns out Bautista had a big time photographer from New York staying with her because of the social distancing. So over the course of two days Bautista and her friend Eryc Perez de Tagle organized 13 individual 30-minute graduation photo shoot sessions for the students their families. Perez de Tagle told Good Morning America,

“We would go [to the shoot], and Sarah brought a gift bag with a balloon and a graduation cap. All the kids were just so excited to see her.”

Not only did the kids get great pictures to remember this moment forever, but they got to see their teacher.

“To see the smiles on their faces, it is so priceless. I just wanted to make a special moment for my kids and their parents.”

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